The Disappointing “Love Boat” Experience Aboard Princess Cruise Line

For our honeymoon, my husband and I boarded the “Love Boat” AKA Island Princess of the Princess cruise line fleet, for some great anticipated royal treatment and I was sadly disappointed.

As I entered our balcony stateroom, I was bombarded with the smell of cigarette smoke that was so bad that my allergies instantly flared up to the point where I couldn’t breath out of my nose and I REFUSED to unpack my bags due to the fact my entire wardrobe would smell like I was the one who actually smoked the entire pack myself right inside my suit case…YUCK!

Next best thing to do is visit the concierge/guest desk right? WRONG! When I explained what had occurred the women said that the ship was full and there was nothing they could do for me and informed me that this ENTIRE ship is a smoking ship and anyone can smoke in any of the rooms, as that is fine but it is my allergies and comfort for the next 16 days. that I care about not everyone else. I had suggested they change the bed linens which are stored in the room the night before, thus smothered in smoke, and they could not find the time to do it. I again went to the concierge/guest desk LIVID (because it wasn’t like this was a weekend and or a couple hundred dollar cruise) only to be “ok we’ll send someone up” away by the desk concierge.

Needless to say one of the housemen came and sprayed air freshener, like that was going to help, and it didn’t. So I grabbed the guy again and said you need to do something about this!!! I again returned to the concierge/guest desk and she was not sending me away again with out results. She called for someone to bring an air purifier to my room and it was there for the ENTIRE stay, it did freshen it up to a tolerable levels in addition to changing the linens.

On the Island Princess they also had seating times, which we are not accustom to sailing primarily on Norwegian cruise lines and had to be seated with strange guests who talked about world war two the whole time and then got sick from the food at our table. I again was NOT happy. This all occurred the first 24 hours of our cruise!

They did offer some good acts and entertainment, but could not make up for the bad taste we already had gotten in our mouth for the cruise line, as disappointing events kept happening throughout the length of the crusie. We were happy to see land when we finally got to some, and we STAYED off the ship as much as possible.

Needless to say the whole cruise was an extremely disappointing experience aboard the boat donned the “Love Boat” 🙁

Would I ever sail aboard princess cruise lines again you ask? The answer is most defiantly NO!

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