Sony Ericsson W580i Cell Phone Review

I recently bought the Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman cell phone and I love it thus far. I had been deciding between the LG Shine and the Sony Ericsson and the Sony was so much lighter in weight and much easier to nagivate.

The Sony Ericsson W580i was named by Shape Magazine as the best fitness phone donning its fitness feature with a built in pedometer as everyone carries their cell phone on them while walking right? Why not track those steps taken and calories burned? Also a walkman with FM radio and a MP3 player (with the ability to have ANY MP3 can be ringtone!), the ability to watch TV/video, built in stop watch, gauges how at what pace you run at and showing your progress on a chart, and a walk around the world application showing you how long it would take you to walk to Abu Dhabi or London at your current speed.

Another wonderful feature is that the W580i is a WORLD PHONE meaning the phone supports domestic and international GSM frequency bands for coverage at home and abroad (see below for more detailed information).

More cool features are:

  • Light effects ring tones, meaning the sides of the phone and buttons on the front of the phone light up in different colors when the phone rings and colors can be set differently to different callers acting as a colorful caller ID.
  • A super clean crisp screen and graphics which is a total bonus when playing games on the phone such as SIMS which comes standard on the phone.
  • Slider phone, meaning the screen/front of the phone slides upwards revealing the numeric buttons and there is an auto lock feature so that you can not make calls by mistake which most OTHER phones are notorious for, when the phone is closed. (I had a razor phone before which is a flip phone so I wanted something a little different, but just as easy to use and with more features)
  • You can watch TV and music videos on the phone as well. The FM radio feature is awesome too,  and no other phones offers it. An MP3 player is almost standard on most phones these days HOWEVER the shake technology is not…
  • Awesomely this phone is equipped with shake technology which means if you want to change the song that is playing you just simply shake the phone and it shuffles the songs for you! 😀
  • The Sony Ericsson W580i is a world phone. You can take this phone internationally and use it without general problems such as service, unlike other phones that have problems because they don’t utilize the same wireless networks, and are not compatible with foreign broad bands. This is a great feature for the world traveler 🙂
  • You can change buttons function to do different things, this has its pluses especially if your right handed or left handed as you have the ability to change button function to fit your needs. BASICALLY the phone is totally customizable and I LOVE it!!!

There are so many more great features and I think this phone is just down right amazing and perfect for ANYONE! It gets great service and contrary to what some people say, my battery life is great. It is really easy to utilize and check your messages, text or voice, and it is also very easy to make or pick up a call even without having to slide up the phone. If you do buy this phone please read the manual and utilize ALL the features…you will not be sorry. 😀 Enjoy!

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Comment by ryan
2008-08-22 03:57:51

the sony ericsson w580i was possibly the worst phone i could have ever purchased.
It might be a good phone if you do not text message, but after you send about 2500 messages, the key pad becomes unresponsive (especially the space button). Also the keys crack.
I do not suggest this phone what so ever

Comment by Kayla
2008-10-27 15:36:07

I have had this phone for a little over 5 months, and my keys have started to crack. My menu buttons have also come loose and a little piece of plastic that held the buttons in place have cracked. The phone has been awesome up until this point. I feel like it has just let me down. Everything seems to be going on it all at the same time. For a company that usually makes an awesome product, they really didn’t spend much time making this phone up to their usual standards.

Thanks Sony!

Comment by Haley Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-14 00:28:29

I had bought this phone early Summer and it started to act up around Christmas. Like the previous people said, the keys start to crack, the navigation buttons break off, and it’s a complete waste of money (for texters at least). And plus, you can’t actually use any mp3 file as a ringer. None of mine work unless I download them from Rogers.

Comment by Emily
2009-11-16 23:42:22

Yeah I can never get ANY of my MP3 files to play as my ringtone when it clearly stated the phone could do that. I thought it was just my phone :P. Also this phone is horrible for texting, I defiantly agree with that!! Can’t wait to upgrade!!

Comment by Hailey Subscribed to comments via email
2009-04-01 19:02:11

i have had this phone for a year on sunday, and it not a great phone at all, the buttons have become unresponsive, and about after a month, it broke, for no reason, the screen just went black, the menu buttons are falling off, and the space button stopped working in genral, its been in like three times, and my lights on the side, no longer work. I dont recommend this phone AT ALL.
A bunch of my friends have it, and all they do, is complain that thier buttons cracked, just like mine, and there keys as well have become unresposive. I can’t use any of my songs unless i buy them from the store, for $3.50 a ringer, and thats for less then thirty seconds.

this is the worst phone I’ve ever had !

Comment by Michelle
2009-10-29 13:14:52

I have had this phone for about a year and a bit now. It is not a good phone at all. In that time frame i have had the keypad break twice and had to send it in to be replaced, it froze after i had tried to move pics from it onto my computer, the ear piece was replaced due to a buzzing noise when someone was talking to me and now it only rings sometimes and the buzzing noise is back.
What a piece of crap!

Comment by Johnnybravo103
2010-04-24 09:06:24

Yep, agreed. Not a great phone. I don’t know how Sony gets away with still selling them. I have had three, or why I bought three. 2 have got low on battery and just quit charging. I looked it up and it seems to be a common problem. The other one doesn’t stop buzzing. What a joke.

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