Looking To Cruise Anytime Soon? Get The Best Deals Here

Are you looking to take a cruise anytime soon? How about a Valentines day cruise? Well let me help you get the best deal and the most bang for your buck on that cruise, with the tips here…

First I want to mention there are different benefits of each way you book your cruise; weather it is through a travel agent, online/via the internet, or directly through the cruise line its self.  I want to breakdown the BENEFITS for you here:

  • Booking with a travel agent: This offers some benifit, however sometimes the prices are more due to the commission they will receive for booking your cruise for you. Travel agents often receive detailed information about the ports of call, the ships, and different points of interest so they will tend to be able to offer you a lot more information than the online booking sites will. Than can however get you free cruise merchandise (many have these items right in their offices), free upgrades as well as VIP status (they have to call the cruise line for this) depending on how much “pull” they have.
  • Booking via the internet: This is the easiest, simplest way to book a cruise, that is if you have cruised before and you know exactly what you want. The internet offers many deals and the cruise line gives Expedia, and travelocity upgraded cabins to offer and vouchers for promotions that are going on.
  • Booking directly with the cruise line: This defiantly has its benefits, as many of the agents have toured the cruise line fleet and speaking directly with the cruise line it makes easier to obtain accurate additional information about the cruise and details. The cruise line can give you detailed information about specific ports and shore excursions. They can also give you cabin upgrades and free cruise line merchandise (beach bags & balls, towels, and other logo items) if they have them available. One more benefit is that you can always talk them down in price! Remember that!!!

Money saving cruise tips:

  • Specific Discounts- Most cruise lines offer senior, military and other specific discounts so be sure to ask when booking.
  • Early & Late Booking- for example, the best way to save on an Alaska cruise is to book in advance. In a typical year, cruise lines offer early-bird rates, usually 25% to 30% off the brochure rate, to those who book their Alaska cruise by mid- to late February of the year of the cruise. If the cabins do not fill up by the cutoff date, the early-bird rate may be extended, but it may be slightly lower — say, a 15% or 20% savings.
  • “Shoulder Season”-You can save by booking a cruise in the shoulder months, which varies location to location, but basically it is when cruise pricing is lower than during the high specific months. High season (period of peak demand) is when the weather is the best and most desirable for that location, Shoulder season (period of moderate demand) is when the weather is still good but less desirable for that location, and finally Low season (period of low demand) for instance a cruise to Bermuda in October when temps are at a high of 70 degrees.
  • Become a frequent cruiser- yes this works (I am one 😀 ) and I get perks such as VIP status, VIP receptions, priority dinner reservations, special coupons, and captains dinner receptions. It is well worth it!
  • Sail out of the nearest port- Drive or take public transportation to NYC,  New Jersey, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans, L.A, San Fransisco. By doing so you will will save you money on air travel and it will make your vacation a lot cheaper and hectic.
  • Skip the air-inclusive cruise! This is truly the worst possible deal! Go to expedia or travelocity and book your flight (fly to the port city a day or two before your cruise) and then book your cruise separately for the best deal!
  • Go for the inside cabin- Yes it is small with out a window BUT you will feel a lot less of the boat motion and rocking of the boat, it will be a ton cheaper, and you will never be in it anyhow, trust me you strictly go to your cabin to sleep and that is it (everyone is different but this applies to MOST!
  • Buy your next cruise on your cruise- The cruise lines offer special deals only available onboard and the perks are well worth it. You get discounts on your present cruise as well as a great amount of perks and discount on your next one.

Aboard the cruise money saving tips: 

  • Eat at all of the FREE restaurants- Many think that ALL of the food on a cruise is free, however that is not the case. There are a few “higher end” restaurants that offer Hibachi style cooking and top notch cuisine that do charge, and usually, Al La Carte! So watch out for that.
  • Watch your alcohol intake- The bill can rack up fast when you are enjoying yourself!
  • Get the soda sticker- If you enjoy soda or any of the listed beverages included in the soda package, get the soda sticker or promotion. It will be a lot cheaper than buying all the drink separate!
  • Take Private tour- While shore excursion sold on the boat are nice, you can follow the group and enjoy the same tour at a fraction of the cost!
  • Don’t take the bus at the dock- Usually what happens if you take the transportation that meets you at the dock, you end up getting into a “tourist trap”, where they take you to a specific tourist shop “to get a discount”. I recommend walking (if safe) a few blocks away from the dock and finding local transportation option. It is cheaper and you will be less likely to fall into a tourist trap.

***Remember cruises can be cheaper than taking a regular road trip or vacation if done right. Please explore all your options before booking your cruise. I am a CRUISE LOVER!!!  I  went on my first one and then I was hooked. We sail for pretty cheap every time, limiting ourselves to $100.00 a day, because that is pretty much what it costs in gas and food and a hotel for the night on a regular on solid ground vacation 😉 So please factor in my tips and if you have any question about ports or cruises in general I would be happy to answer them, just comment me (found at the bottom of every post) 😀 Thank You and I will be posting more about my travel experiences soon !!

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