Sharper Image UPDATE

A few months ago I posted bad news for gift card holders of the Sharper Image Gift Cards. Well as it turns out I just wanted to update you on the latest news from Sharper Image: They are now honoring their gift cards for online purchases. However they are also closing some of their retail […]

Shoppers Beware- BAD News For Gift Cards

This is an FYI (for your information) that was just released by the Associated Press and is super bad news for gift card holders and threatens the future of gift cards. It is very interesting to know that you can buy a gift card one day and it can be worthless the next…what is this […]

Gift Cards: To Give OR Not To Give?

Tis the season for gift giving and spreading holiday cheer! Most of us have people to buy for but don’t know quite what they like or better yet, their style. What most people resort to are gift cards, while great, almost 70% of gift card recipients do NOT use their gift cards and they end […]