The NEW Apple iPhone

Ok Friday Apple released its new iPhone but not with out a hitch to say the least. If you had already had a previous version of the iPhone you could update your iPhone with the operating version on the NEW phone HOWEVER with everyone updating their phone and people standing¬† in LONG lines for hours […]

Convenience In An iPod?

Convenience In An iPod? Yes!! The iPods are moving up in the world! If you are looking for a great gift for someone big or small, apple iPods hold the key for the once only music enthusiasts , however now accommodate the movie savvy and exercise gurus . I myself own many versions of the […]

Buying A Laptop?

Looking to buy a laptop computer? I have purchased the apple MacBook also previously known as the iBook G4 and it is magnificent! This laptop, hands down beats any other brand of laptop there is. The programs that runs the apple MacBook and or power book are extremely easy to use, and in the 3 […]

Apple iPod (Video) Classic

Looking to buy an iPod for someone? I have to tell you that I have many Apple products and LOVE them ALL! I have never had a problem with my Apple laptop, desktop, iPods of all kinds, or the ihome that complement the products. So lets talk about the apple iPod video, now known as […]