Helpful Hints On “What NOT To Buy For Your Valentine”

Everyone is different and desire different things based on your relationship, but I sort of found myself laughing at these “what not to buys” as they are more along the lines of helpful hints, but by all means NOT RULES. So with that said, if you decide to not use any of my suggestions found in any of my previous posts, on what TO buy for your valentine but instead your going to venture out and buy with your “creative” side, please take a look and consider these things, it might help 🙂 And again, these DO NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE as they are solely HELPFUL HINTS! 😉

For Him:

1. Avoid soaps, lotions, potions, anything that smells like candy. Unless it’s ACTUALLY candy.

2. Flowers. He just doesn’t understand why you would buy him something that he has to a) nurture and b) nurture. If you simply must, a cactus or aloe plant might pass–but remember, he wants a gift that can take care of itself.

3. Unfortunately tools. Yeah, he gets it. You want him to shovel the snow. Do not buy him a shovel to drive the point home. (Large noisemaking power tools excluded.)

4. Dinner. It’s a blatant cop-out. Saving him the eighty bucks does not make or pass as a romantic gesture. A gift should come in a box. (Unless it is a kitty or a pup, which are other things you should not get him. See rule #2).

5. An electric razor. If he wanted one, he would have bought it for himself (and of all the gadgets, this is not likely one he’s coveting). Ask yourself: Do you want him to buy you a razor?

6. Boxer shorts. To men, they’re truly utilitarian. No frills. No styles. (Same goes for socks.)

7. A tie. Hey, he’s not your dad. So unless you plan to tie him up with it and give him his real present, ditch the old standard.

For Her:

1. Anything that even remotely implies that she is not physically perfect: gym memberships, Botox, diet plan subscriptions, self help books and the like.

2. A bathing suit. Unless it comes with a trip to the Bahamas, she does not want your input on this personal matter. What’s more, you’re likely to give her an anxiety attack when she thinks about trying it on (especially after the great binge/food fest with the in-laws that occurred during the Holidays of 2007).

3. Toys. Women usually do not want video games. We might occasionally like to kick your butt in Wii, but that does not mean we want Street Fighter II (or whatever game it is you’re playing). Also, your avatar is lame.

4. Homemade coupons or any coupons for that matter. Whether they’re for dish duty, garbage duty, dinner, or something else, she’s not likely to be impressed.

5. A gift certificate. Step it up with something a little more personal (a new robe with a spa gift certificate accompanying it wouldn’t be bad 😉 )–unless it’s for 300 dollars and you can’t wait to take her to the store and shop. All. Day.

6. A magazine subscription. Bor-ing.

7. Tickets to the “big game.” Hate to break it to you, but when she said she loved football, she was lying. Save the sports stuff for your buddies.

8. A DVD box set of your favorite show. You’ve both already seen EVERY episode. It will just accumulate dust with the rest of the collection. Buy smart not senseless!

9. Same goes for CDs. Hello, there is a such thing called iTunes.

10. Appliances. Every man has made this guffaw. Just because she says, “I need a new vacuum” does not mean you should buy her a vacuum. *Note does NOT appy to everyone!

11. Any gift you once bought for an ex-girlfriend. She will find out–and punish you.
Does that sound like a Happy Valentine’s Day to you?

***Please consider (you don’t have to live by it) the information I, with the help of yahoo, have provided here. Please note that EVERYONE is different so these won’t apply to everyone!

I know I got all huffed once my husband bought a toaster for me for Valentines day. In essence, this is wasn’t for me as much as it was for the both of us, thus it is not really a “personal gift” as I got him the watch he really wanted. Same applies for buying for a man. I do hope this helps your shopping needs as Valentines day is closing in on us! Good Luck with your Valentines day shopping!!

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