Great & Smart Gifts For Graduates!!!

Wondering what to get someone for graduation??? Here I will offer some popular (and actually useful too!!!) graduation gifts:

Cell phones: The Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch (same as the iPhone minus the phone capabilities, good for someone who already has a new cell phone), the BlackBerry or any phone that has internet/wifi technology will be handy and smart for anyone, for example: if someone is lost in an area and or needs to find a business or information they can look up address or phone numbers and other additional information right on the internet on their phone. This is a smart way to go!!!

Laptop: Everyone especially individuals who travel could use to benefit from having a laptop. Weather they have graduated and they are going to college or they have a job already that requires them to travels, a laptop is a great, much appreciated gift. In any case, especially with graduates going off to college for the first time, FAMILY is only a click away!!!

There are many different types of laptops there are quality laptops such as those made by Apple, and budget friendly laptops made by Dell or HP Pavilion (these laptops won’t last as long as the Apple laptops but may fit your budget at this time) so do your research on which one better fits your needs and your budget.

GPS Systems: I have to admit having a GPS as a co-pilot is very handy, but as a CO-PILOT ONLY as people drive themselves off the road, and down wrong ways of the highway, by solely listening to the GPS systems…use your common sense with this please. It can be very handy for anyone going away to college as you can use it to find coffee shops, libraries, shopping malls, and you can also use it while walking!!! The Garmin iQue 3600 3600 is a PDA and a GPS systems in one! VERY HANDY!!!

$$$: Money is an obvious useful gift. Any graduate loves money and will appreciate the ability to buy whatever THEY desire.

Flash Drives: In this day and age everyone needs one of these gadgets to get information from one computer to the next, or information from home to school ect. This is a very smart gift for anyone as it can also be used to store and share photos from one computer to another as well. These come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. My personal favorite for anyone is My Flash 8GB RB1 USB 2.0 Water-Proof Secured Flash Drive w/ Anti-Shock, I think everyone could use to waterproof and anti shock their important information!!!

Apple iPod video/ iPod classic: The graduate will tote their favorite music, movies, and photos with this iPod which will make walking from one place to another (listening to your favorite tunes) a lot more enjoyable, being away from home (will all your favorite photos on your iPod that produces a slide show of your photo library) much easier, and long wait times ANYWHERE (with ability to watch your favorite movies and TV shows) not so bad. The Apply iPod Video/classic also offers the ability to share files between one computer and another.

PDA: This electronic planner helps keep busy lives in check. You can store contacts and it allows you to have full calenders with detailed planning information highlighted for you with reminders. Again the Garmin iQue 3600 is an all in one PDA/GPS handheld system!!! Very Very handy as you don’t have to carry two different systems now!

There are a few gift ideas that GRADUATES will find useful and greatly appreciate!!! 🙂 Congratulations to ALL graduates!!!

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