Buying A Car For A First Time Driver This Year?

I would like to inform you that if you are going to buy a first time driver a car, please don’t make it a brand new one. Most kids in the first year of driving:

#1 Learn dept perception. They do so by side swiping something or maybe hitting a parked car and other ironic happenings 😉

#2 Drive too fast for conditions. A first time driver usually doesn’t realize how fast is too fast for certain road conditions, like driving on sanded, icy, wet, or snowy roads. First time drivers do tend to hit things with their first cars, so please don’t waste the money.

#3 Drive while talking on the phone. I can not even start to tell you how many times a teenage driver has almost hit while talking on their cell phone. They probably will actually hit something or someone while doing this, so save your money mom and dad!

I can tell you that I have lived where it has snowed all winter and I had 3 cars that were BEARS in the snow and that maintained total control in all weather conditions. They are:

Ford Taurus, passenger car, big enough to hit and be safe, while being heavy enough to drive well in ALL weather conditions and overall well made.

Chevy Cavalier, again big but sporty in a two door coupe, safe and heavy car that drove well in ALL weather conditions, again overall well made.

Pontiac Sunfire, the twin to the cavalier same specs apply. Smaller but sporty in a two door coupe, safe and heavy car that also drove well in ALL weather conditions 🙂

These are great first cars for any driver. None of these cars ever gave me problems or left me stranded anywhere and the overall quality of the cars were great. If you are considering buying a new car for a child or new driver, do consider what I have posted here and let them drive a used car for the first year. It is the first year when they really get a “feel” for the road and its conditions. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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