Best (at home) Self Tanners

I am sorry to inform you but SUMMER is right around the corner, which means bathing suits and a tan! However the safest tan is a “fake” tan, so I have brought to you today the self tanners that I think work the best and DO NOT turn your orange!! **Sadly everyone skin is different and will react different to chemicals in the self tanners, but most should not have a problem 😎

The first step into looking your greatest on the beach or for that spring break or vacation is to get a dark bathing suit if you are whiter than white 🙂 Black does not only have a slimming effect but it also make you appear a bit more “colorful” as oppose to washed out that bright bathing suits tend to do for the ones whose skin has not seen the sun in a while. Second step is to find a great self tanner to make you look like you have been on vacation for a couple of days prior to your beach or pool appearance, yes I speak from experience!! So here are some products that have helped me make the debut of a new trendy bathing suit not so blinding to others 😉

  • Coppertone Endless Summer Sunless Tanning Lotion: This self tanner seemed to give me a more brown than orange, natural looking tan with minimal streaks if any. It was super easy to apply and dried reasonably quickly. It also had minimal rub off (color rubbing off on to your cloths and staining them), did not smell bad, as most do, and with the first application I was good to go with natural looking color! Apply daily for deeper a deeper looking tan, YES it is that easy!
  • LOreal Dermo-Expertise Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion: This self tanner and the whole L’Oreal Sublime Bronze line is wonderful, again giving me a brown natural looking tan with minimal effort, as far as streaks go. It doesn’t smell bad either. The tinted creams are usually easier to use because you can see where it goes and you don’t have to worry about streaks as much as you would with a clear gel or cream. If you are faired skin I would try this one 😀
  • Bain De Soleil Streakguarde Self Tanning Creme: Bain De Soleil puts out a number of great products INCLUDING self tanner! This streakguarde self tanner is popular by many, including myself, for a natural looking tan and with the help of the tinted lotion, a streak free one as well. This is one of the low maintenance self tanners (for me) meaning it dries in like 5 minutes and I didn’t have to go chasing around for streaks I couldn’t see. It seemed to stay on pretty well after showers but I recommend to maintain your color apply it after every shower or two (mix a little in with your daily moisturizer for a hint of color) and ENJOY your low maintenance TAN!
  • NO-AD Sunless Lotion: This product is recommended by many for the amazing brown shade it gives you, the moisturizing effects from the lotion, and for the LOW price. I personally have not use this particular product but it has amazing reviews. The users, who are regular users and have been benefiting from the product for years claim that it works wonders. It dries relatively quickly, thought the smell of the lotion lingers on their hands for a while, they mask the smell with other lotions and say that works well. I defiantly think this product is worth a shot and I will try it myself.
  • Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel: This Self tanner is like not other. This is actually skin care as well as self tanning instant gel. Clarins puts out a variety of self tanning products, all which are AMAZING and you benefit in amazing ways from all of them. These products are made for the fairest of skin types but maybe worn and utilized by ALL. This by far is MY FAVORITE product and a bit more pricey than the others listed here, but this one truly works the best!! I recommended this product to ANYONE. You truly get the best low maintenance, brown, effortless tan from the Clarins Self Tanning line!

Please remember that everyone skin and make up is different, what works for one may not work for another. I do suggest, if you have any problems with the products above that you do try the Clarins Self Tanning gel, creams, or lotion as they have aloe vera, moisturizer, and multi-cellular protection in them that you will NOT find in any of the other self tanning products. If you know of any other products that are just outstanding, please email me or leave a comment for me so I can update the list, Thank You and Tan on!!!

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