Happy Valentine’s Day MOM

Everyone thinks that valentine’s day is for grown lovers, but moms celebrate valentines day too as they LOVE their kids 🙂 So HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MOM! Here are some cute ways to tell your kids you love them…and Happy V Day:

On post its shaped as hearts or any paper for that matter, add these little notes and “stick” them in the designated locations…

For the breakfast table: “Good morning, sweetie! This note’s just to say, I hope you have a perfect day! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For a young child’s lunch box: “I love you more than peanut butter, I love you more than ham, I love you more than chicken nuggets, French fies, hot dogs, and spam. I love you more than pizza, and more than Tater Tots, I love you love you love you love you, lots lots lots and lots. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For the fridge: “Don’t stand there with the door open! Don’t put that empty bottle back! We’re eating dinner soon, so don’t fill up on junky snacks. Don’t drink from the container! (Didn’t think I knew? I KNEW!) And one more ‘don’t’ my dear: Don’t forget that I love you! Happy Valentine’s day!” 

For the hamper lid: “These cloths are stinky, sniff sniff…peee-uuu! But your the sweetest,  And I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

To hang from a celing fan string: “Why’s this note here? What’s the plan? It is fan mail from ME, Your biggest fan! Happy Valentine’s Day”

On a dinner plate: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven-eat some soup, it tastes like heaven, Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one- You’re my dessert, you honey bun. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For a teens computer screen: “I can’t text as fast as you, My thumbs are far too slow, I don’t have a myspace page, My iPod? Manilow. I need your help with downloads, and to change my ring tone too, You’re my computer troubleshooter, and I am so very proud of you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

For the front door: “Bags go on the bench, balls go by the door, Shirts go in the drawer, shoes stay on the floor. Smiles go in my heart, hugs stay in there too. And in your ears live these three words: I Love You. Happy Valentine’s Day”

In the tub: “I love you when you’re scrubbed, I love you when your grimy, I love you when you’re soapy, I love you when your slimy! I love you clean or dirty, I love you all the time-y. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For a teenaged girls makeup bag: “Who needs lipstick, who needs gels or goo? Defiantly not YOU!! Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful girl!”

For your teens steering wheel: “I tell you drive safely, at least 10 times a day, But that’s because I love you, more than words can  say. (And before you start the car, Let me remind you one more time: If you answer that cellphone while driving, those keys, KIDDO, are mine!) Happy Valentine’s Day!”

On a toothbrush: “The job’s the same each day you know: A toothpaste squeeze and off you go. You brush in front, then in back. So minty fresh! It’s plaque you lack! Because I love you lots, you see, I want each tooth to be healthy. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For the pillow at bedtime: “You’ve brushed your teeth, you’ve had a bath, You’ve combed your hair, you’ve done your math. You’re in your bed, you’re tucked in tight, I’ll be in soon to say goodnight. The sky is dark, the moon is clear, These words I’ll whisper in your ear: I love you so, oh yes, I do. Now have sweet dreams the whole night through. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

On a teenager’s bedroom door: “You think I lame, I know it’s true, I thought the same of my mom, too. A clueless dork! A buzz kill bore! A giant nerd! I know there’s more. But that’s the natural way of things-I love you tons, nothing new, NOW clean this sty before I  do! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

These are just a few fun FREE ways to show your kids you love them on valentine’s day! Happy Valentine’s Day MOM!  

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