Authentic Products VS High End Replicas And Knock Offs

This post is not geared toward encouraging the purchases of replica bags, as it is proving that there are shops overseas improving their craftsmanship to resemble the “Real Deal” a whole lot better, and enabling most anyone these days to having life’s little luxuries they couldn’t enjoy before. Who knows what the future holds for authentic designer bags…

I have a friend who researches the differences between replicas of all kinds and the real authentic items. She does this pretty much for a hobby and clearly has the means ($$) to do so. She does this by buying the authentic bags, glasses, and jewelry and then goes to NYC and picks up the same replica items and brings them home and dissects in and out and to the stitching and screws used on the two items.

Her favorite bags to buy and compare are Coach bags. In her researched studies the ONLY thing that was different in the two bags were the thread color on the inside of the bag, yes INSIDE the bag. All hardware was stamped and they even had the serial numbers on the inside. Not all bags were this close in comparison but they were ALL extremely similar and to the even the store clerks at Coach were not identified as knock off bags.

She did not find the Louis Vuitton replica bags to be up to snuff. The hardware was super cheap on some of them and would eventually show wear and tear, unlike the authentic Louis Vuitton bags.

Tiffany’s jewelry replicas were identical and no one could notice any bit of difference between the two.

Chanel Jewelry and sunglasses were a similar story. Some of the replicas were not totally up to par, but most jewelry and sunglasses she found and compared you could pass off to a Chanel store worker and they would say it they were authentic.

So if you are looking for high quality bag but can not afford it fresh out of the store or you are on a budget, look at a high end second hand/consignment store and you can find one there. Whatever you do, do not buy a bag on ebay if you are adamant on getting and authentic bag, as many high quality replica bags are sold EVERYDAY on ebay.

***FYI: There are several different types of replicas/knock offs sold on ebay:

  • There are the cheap replicas, also known as knock offs most commonly found at the shopping mall kiosk or on the streets of big cities across America, Mexico or Caribbean, that are not considered “high end” or “Triple A (AAA or A+ replicas) that you can tell from afar it is not authentic
  • There are also the high quality (also known as: high end, triple A, AAA, or A+ replicas) most commonly found tucked in the corners of New York City and San Francisco’s China Towns and on ebay, and very frequently sold as “authentic” some going as far as providing a receipt and shopping bag from the store. Always know who your doing business with.

I guess it is inevitable that these manufactures can make such a similar bag and get away with it with the reality being benefiting the ones who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a designer look, let it be jewelry, sunglasses, or a designer bag, to finally be able to do so.

Let it be known that I am not promoting the replicas of any product. However, the reality AGAIN is that in this day and age where everyone judges you on your appearance to what you wear, I think every one NOW has a chance at LOOKING like your living a luxury lifestyle.

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Comment by Melanie Maddison
2009-02-15 23:01:32

I love luis vuitton bags and have about five at the moment. They are all replicas and the best thing is that the prices were excellent and no one can tell that they are replicas.

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