Part 3 The Greatest Workout Tools EVER

Today is part 3 of my 3 part post on How To Get Rid Of Cellulite! This part of the post talks about the best tools to help you say goodbye to that cellulite and fat and has links to the products for your purchasing convenience. All of these mentioned products I have personally used and know for a fact that they work to achieve great fast results. You can use them at the gym, at home, or on vacation to meet all your workout goals and requirements. Good luck and happy upcoming bathing suit season!

Trampolines. There was a study done that shows jumping on a trampoline big or small for 20 minutes a day helps loosen stubborn fatty deposits and fat cells and releases them to be burned off as energy!

The Stability/Exercise Ball. You can achieve amazing results using this ball. There are many different ways to tighten and tone not only your behind and thigh but your ENTIRE upper body, core including back and abs, all the way down to your toes. This is one of the best tools to use if you have injuries to your neck or back.

The Bosu Ball Trainer. I have raved about this one before although you can not get a FULL range of motion on it, it is still one of the greatest tools by far for your abs!

Resistance Bands. Also known as therapy bands, and exercise bands. These handy little gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the best tools for shaping up not bulking up. They offer a great workout with amazing resistance and have the ability to strengthen and define your muscles like you wouldn’t even imagine. These little miracles are over look way too much!

Ankle and Wrist Weights. These babies provide an ample “spruce” to your walking regimen or any body weight exercise.

Jump RopesGood ones. A good jump rope offers a great cardio workout while having fun and counting calories!

Yoga/Fitness Mat. If you are going to be using the ball this is a great idea. That way the ball does not slip on other flooring and away from you. It really offers some darn good padding when working out on a hard surface.

A darn good pair of sneakers. This can make a world of difference in your workout and how long you work out. I have bad back and neck injuries due to a car accident and with that said, I find that the adidas Bounce (these come in mens and womens) and the adidas Juxta (adidas megabounce for men , adidas juxta for women) sneakers are just the best sneakers in the world for walking and offering the new support I need! They really do offer bounce and improved stability and are my all time favorite all purpose workout and EVERYDAY sneaker.

Good workout cloths. Loose fitting, sweat soaking, (also known as dry fit), the ability to keep you cool and fresh clothing! You need something you can move easily in, if you cloths are tight fitting it will limit your range of motion resulting in a much poorer workout than you might think. Think loose but fitted, stays close to your body but doesn’t squeeze the life out of you or lift up when your raising your hands: this applies to MEN and WOMEN. Examples:

  • Men– shorts that are YOUR SIZE and not 1 size bigger! The same applies to shirts, you want to be able work hard at your workout not trying to move around in the silly cloths. Dry fit clothing from Nike or adidas are always a good idea, who likes to sweat anyway?
  • Women– yoga pants, shorts, shirts, and tanks are a great idea for any workout as they are made to stretch and to move around in all sort of positions. Dry fit clothing from Nike, adidas, or Otomix are always a good idea, who likes to sweat anyway?

I hope these tips have helped and I hope you invest in your own home gym containing many of these products! I promise you that I have my very own gym made up of these very products and when used regularly they offer amazing results!!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me by leaving a comment in the “comment box” found on this page. If you adhere to this advice and you have made some great progress I would love to hear that it helped. Happy upcoming bathing suit season and say good bye to that cellulite and fat!!! You CAN do it…

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