Part 2 Of Best Tools And Exercises To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Today I am posting part 2 of The Best Tools And Exercises That Get Rid Of Cellulite. Yesterday I posted about where to start by talking  about different types of cardio and exercises done with body weight. Today I will tell you about exercises that help diminish cellulite that can be done using machines or different “tools” and weights. Lets get started. * Please note that ALL exercises should be done in a slow controlled motion to prevent injury 🙂

Ok first we will talk about some exercises you can do on the machines found at the gym (ask anyone that works at the gym where you can locate these specific machines and how to use them if you have ANY questions):

  • Leg Press. This takes the place of doing a standing squat. Remember you don’t need a ton of weight on it, just be sure to do a lot of reps (reps =repetitions. example: 3 sets of 20 repetitions)
  • Leg Extension. This is going to work the front of your thighs, again keep the weight low while doing many repetitions (3 sets of 20-30)
  • Leg Curl. This is going to work the back of your thighs, again keep the weight low while doing many repetitions (3 sets of 20-30)
  • Versaclimber. Similar to a stair climber this is a lean mean fighting machine that works your arms, legs, butt, and core on top of burning 1,000 calories an hour! I would suggest doing a shorter workout of just 20 minutes and not on the same days you do your strength training on.
  • Abductor aka Hip Abductor. This machine is one of the best possible tools to use to achieve tight and toned glutes (butt) and hips. You basically sit down and push your legs against padded leg rests. Again stick with low weight and high repetitions.
  • Adductor aka Hip Adductor. This machine is going to work and isolate your inner thigh muscles, and is basically a glorified thigh master. If you have ever used a Thigh Master then you will know how this machine works.

At home or in the gym is where you can do these cellulite busting exercises with the help of a resistance band or stability/exercise ball:

  • Stability/Exercise Ball Squats. To do ball squats you will place the exercise ball behind you or against the wall. Squat down as if to sit on it but barely touch it. Bring yourself back up squeezing your butt and using your thighs muscles to help. Repeat 20-30 times.
  • Ball Plank. Lay on the floor on your back. Lift knees up to 90 degrees. Place the stability ball under your legs somewhere between your calf and heel. Place your arms out to your side for support. Lift hips off the floor while pressing legs into Ball. At the top of the lift your body should be straight on a 30 degree angle with the floor. Hold the position and squeeze your butt and thighs for 10 count and lower for 3 count and repeat.
  • Stability/Exercise Ball Leg Curl. Assume same position as the ball plank and place the stability ball under your legs between your knees and feet (the further the stability ball is from your hips the more difficult). Raise your hips off the floor as you press your legs into the stability Ball. At the top of the lift your body should be straight on a 30 degree angle with the floor. Hold the position. Pull the stability ball in towards your butt keeping your hips OFF the floor. Bring it in as far as possible and slowly release it back to the start position. Try to keep your hips off the floor through out the entire set as it will work your core as well.
  • Hip Adductor with the Stability/Exercise Ball. Sit safely on the very edge of a chair and place the stability ball between your knees. Gently squeeze the ball for a 10 count and release. Repeat 20-30 times, resting for 3 seconds in between each rep.
  • Hip Abductor with a Resistance Band. Sit safely on the edge of a chair. Tie a knot in the resistance band and place it around your outer thighs. Keep feet shoulder width apart and press out against the resistance band, hold for 3 count. Open and close legs 30 times.

*There are different size stability/exercise balls and you should pick the best one that fits you. 4′ 5″- 5′ 5″ can use the 55cm sized ball, 5′ 5″- 5′ 8″ can use the 65cm sized ball, and 5′ 8″- 6′ 5″ or up can use the 75 cm ball. However these are just suggested sizes as you maybe more comfortable on a different size.

*There are also different resistant strengths on the bands too so be sure to pick out one that best suits your needs.

*Again all of these exercises should be done in a slow controlled motion to prevent injury. You can start these exercises anytime at home or in the gym as I find it easier to work out at home and on the stability/exercise ball, and I usually see result pretty quick. I would suggest starting these exercises as soon as possible to jump start your weight loss!

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