Ward Off Those Holiday Pounds

Everyone knows that they tend to indulge because it is the holidays and we are consistently surrounded by good food and great desserts, so that makes it very hard. However there are some places you can skimp and extra little steps you can take that will allow you to “enjoy” your holiday with out going overboard. First make sure that you are doing a little extra work, for example: working out (walking, running or some type of cardio), squats, and lifting weights. Most of these things people tend to think that they can only do in a gym but let me offer some positive insight 🙂 :

  • Working out= taking the stairs instead of the elevator, running up and down the stairs 50 times at you house, walking vigorously from sale to sale at the mall, parking (safely) as far away from your destination as possible.
  • Lifting weights= cans of food, water bottles, children, moving furniture around, hauling gifts into the house, but on a regular basis (try first thing in the morning).
  • Squats= instead of bending at your waist to get something out of the fridge or off the floor, bend at your knees and squeeze your way back up, for example: stand with feet hip width apart and bend at knees and touch the floor between your feet! Waa laa you have done a squat and do them first thing in the morning and when ever you have free time.

If you are going to a holiday party and it will be in the evening, have a large lunch and stick with protein (chicken, fish). This will fill you up and keep your fat burning engine going though the night. It will also help you from over eating at the party.

Avoid fried food. Obviously fried food is bad and it is extra bad when consumed at night thus your body isn’t capable of burning it off before bed.

Have a full glass of water before you take your first bite. This will 1) fill you up, 2) prevent you from over eating, 3) and determine whether or not your truly hungry or not. 70% of the time you body tells you its hungry it is really thirsty, so try drinking water before every meal.

Avoid reaching for the hors d’oeuvres and the appetizers before a meal, as just having a few tend to pack a vast majority of your daily calorie count, instead grab the vegetables and dip them in salsa or a handful of pretzels.

Steer clear of regular soda, beer, and most importantly eggnog! Eggnog (parties no exception) holds a whopping 340 calories per cup! Add a couple of shots of alcohol (a traditional eggnog favorite) and your well about 400 calories a cup! Instead opt for a glass of wine, light beer, or a shot of liquor mixed with seltzer because these drinks are about 100-125 calories each.

When it comes to dessert, I know it is hard to find a healthy option here, so don’t deny yourself. Obviously do not over indulge but do make every calorie count. Try to cut your favorite cake in half and share it with someone. Know your limits! Don’t have 2 pieces of cake just because, make it a reward and enjoy every bite.

Don’t forget if you do indulge a bit, to exercise that evening or the morning of the next day. You may feel sluggish depending on what you ate but stay strong! Instead of 50 times up and down the stairs, go 100! Fight the feeling of sluggishness because that is your body saying it is trying to digest and get rid of the bad stuff 🙂 So make the effort this holiday season to ward off those holiday pounds!

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