June, 2008

Secret To Shiny Silky Hair!

Ok it is true that you DO learn something new every day! I just learned the secret to shiny silky hair and you get that by using an ion infused brush on your hair as opposed to find tooth comb. I just bought the Goody CUSHION: So Fabulous Oval Cushion Brush and it is truly […]

Attention All Dieters & Weight Loss Wishers I Have Found Help For You!

Attention all dieters and weight loss wishers, I have found help for you!!! I have found a website that helps you keep track of your eating and calorie intake and actually tells you how long it will take for you to get to your goal weight by eating what you normally do or modified. The […]

Great Tasting Fat Free Potato Chips

I have just found the greatest tasting fat free potato chips EVER!!! I just bought LAY’S Light Original Potato Chips and they were SO great! They truly tasted like regular potato chips, salty and delicious and with only 75 calories and NO fat per serving they are the greatest alternatives EVER!!! These are the ONLY […]

Disappointed With Cover Girl Outlast LipShine

I am very disappointed with the Cover Girl 10 Hour Outlast Double Lip Shine that I purchased as it was named one of the best all day lip color of 2008 and promised to stay on through eating, drinking, kissing, rubbing, ect. Unfortunately it didn’t provide me with the promised all day color and it […]

FitFlops A New Kind Of Footwear With A Gym Built In!

The FitFlops makers says these are “The Flip-Flop with a gym build in” !!! Can it be?? I have just tried out the new fitness FitFlop that are available in the U.S for the first time! Here is what I learned: The FitFlop originated in the UK and have been helping people get more of […]

Here Is Some Odd But Useful Information For Anyone Who Drives A Car

Here is some odd but useful information for anyone who owns and drives a car. Most don’t know this off hand but your OIL in your car should be changed every 3,000 miles and your TRANSMISSION FLUID should be changed every 30,000 miles. I just learned this today myself as I drive a car I […]

A Wonderful Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Product

I usually don’t buy these kind of products but since I needed a daily moisture lotion SPF and if I could help reverse sun damage at the same type, why not right? I was reading Marie Claire magazine where they named Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti Sun Damage Daily Moisture Lotion 2.5 oz SPF 28 […]

Ladies Big Sale Going On At Victoria’s Secret!!

Ladies!!! Attention please…Victoria’s Secret is having their HUGE semi-annual sale starting today! Included in  the sale is most of their bathing suits, panties, PINK summer cloths, and a good majority of their most popular bras, including their famous 100 way bra! Check out the sale online at Victoria’s Secret you NEED to check it out […]

Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser

I, for the first time tried Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser and was a bit skeptical, like how was this cream going to got from cold cream to warm on my face?? Ya-hoo! Imagine my surprise when it warmed right up when I put it on, however just for like a minute and then again […]

Eat This Not That Book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

If there is one thing you do for yourself this year it is to buy this book and help yourself to better health. Eat This Not That shows you that some foods you think are healthy really contain high fat and calorie content due to the way it is prepared…Learn more: I recently included a […]