April, 2008

Mario Kart For The Nintendo Wii

My husband just bough Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii and LOVES it. He actually bought it Sunday being the day it came out and was racing other players on the internet around the world! It is extremely entertaining and the graphics are great. It resembles the old Mario Kart but with a 21st century […]

Here Are Some At Home Teeth Whitening Techniques

Here are some at home teeth whitening techniques. Please be advised that these are tried and true methods but may not work for EVERYONE as everyones teeth, teeth conditions, and other oral conditions, such as hygiene are different. Also note that some of these whitening methods contain HIGH ACID CONTENT which corrodes (damages) the tooth […]

Doubletree Hotel At The Entrance To Universal Studios REVIEW

I just recently stayed at the Doubletree Hotel at the entrance to Universal Studios in Orlando FL. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I certainly wouldn’t stay there again myself. To start they post beautiful pictures of their hotel online, my advice, do not judge a book by its cover, otherwise you will be […]

Authentic Products VS High End Replicas And Knock Offs

This post is not geared toward encouraging the purchases of replica bags, as it is proving that there are shops overseas improving their craftsmanship to resemble the “Real Deal” a whole lot better, and enabling most anyone these days to having life’s little luxuries they couldn’t enjoy before. Who knows what the future holds for […]

An Amazing Facial Moisturizer

Behold for I have found and amazing facial moisturizer! My husband and I have very different skin types but they are both sensitive to the different things commonly found in most moisturizers, so to find one that actually works for both of us is almost impossible. I have however, found a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic, […]

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy vs Land Therapy

I had been in a serious car accident almost a year ago now and in turn have been doing ALL types of physical therapy for a year now and I had some positive results but there is still major residual pain that I need relieved, needless to say I am at the end of my […]

Club Rome At Roxy’s Review

I recently went to Club Rome/Release Night Club at Roxy’s on Clematis street in West Palm Beach, FL. Clematis is known for its bars and nightlife as well as Dr. Feelgood’s Rock Bar & Grill owned by Vince Neil, the lead singer/front man of Motley Crue! Club Rome/Release Night Club was actually really great, as […]

The Ultimate Experience At Nikki Beach At South Beach Maimi Florida

I just got back from Nikki Beach at South Beach in Miami Florida and I have to say it was the ultimate South Beach/Maimi experience! Located right on the sand of 1st and Ocean, Nikki Beach Miami has become a landmark for the ultimate parties, celebrations, and entertainment in Miami South Beach. It is also […]


This is an update to my notification of Free STARBUCKS Coffee cards. I went on Wednesday to get my free taste of the new STARBUCKS Park Place Roast Coffee, in which they only honor in stand alone stores (I found this true to where I live anyway). They will not serve it in the ever […]

Delta’s Merge With Northwest: Are There Still Deals On Flights To Be Had?

By now I am sure you have all heard about Deltas merge with Northwest airlines to be the largest airline carrier in the world. I have always been a Delta fan with a great love for the late Delta Song, and would prefer to fly their airline over any other, but will all this merging […]