February, 2008

Save ADDITIONAL Money At Eve’s Addiction

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Crank Up That Energy And Lose That Weight

It is ALREADY March on Saturday, so it is time to kick that body into high gear, jump start your weight loss and crank up that energy! Here are some tips on how: Increase your protein intake. Fish is the best (not fried of course), lean chicken (again not fried), Eggs or even better Egg […]

New Specialty Jello Instant Pudding Is Not So Special

I just bought this specialty jello pudding but JELL-O Vanilla Chocolate Chip; Vanilla Pudding with Rich Chocolaty Chips and Chocolate Carmel Chip; Chocolate Pudding with Rich Carmel Chips and though the box makes it sound great it is not all what is cracked up too be. I thought the Chocolate Carmel Chip tasted good with […]

The Best Addition For Overall Core Strength & Fitness

The best addition to your “home gym” for overall core strength and fitness should be the Bosu Ball trainer. The Bosu Ball trainer has gotten the most praise for its quick results and deep strengthening abilities (when used correctly) as it strengthens every muscle in your body. You can preform your regular crunches, lunges, squats, […]

The Single Best Exercise To Get Results

Ladies and gents, yes it is true, summer is approaching fast and now you are starting to worry about shedding your winter “coat”. Well according to a study done recently by Shape Magazine says the single best exercise to get results was squatting with a fitness ball or a hand weight is the best way […]

Eve’s Addiction 1/2 off weekends is happening again

This weekend Eve’s Addiction is offering 12 popular items for 1/2 off THIS WEEKEND ONLY including Tiffany style earrings and rings! The 12 items are: Sterling Silver Crown Jewels Cubic Zirconia Pendant Sterling Silver Ring with Sapphire CZ Dangle Heart Chic Boho Beaded Watch Sterling Silver Lucky Number Pendants Gwen’s Sterling Silver Triple Teardrop Earrings […]

The Best Cars That Navigate The City

Finally a list of cars for city dwellers to buy. Yes, they have all been rated and tested for performance driving in the city, see and read about some of the test done that determines that these cars are “CITY WORTHY” or made for city driving. ALSO the blue text links will connect you to […]

Tax Deductions You May Not Know About

There are many tax deductions that you yourself may not know about. Here I will post with the help of msn.com, a few of the most popular tax write offs, that not everyone is aware of: Prescription drugs– how to get it: just go to your drug store and ask for a print out for […]

Pei Wei; More good chinese food!

Pei Wei Asian Diner, being a smaller owned branch of P.F Changs China Bistro, this restaurant offers a sort of fast food type style with the sit down feel. Pei Wei‘s menu samples flavors from Thailand,  Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and China. Dishes are individually prepared and made to order using Mandarin-style woks. Resulting in great […]

Good Chinese Food!

I have recently gone to P.F Changs China Bistro and have to say it is amazing! They have an extensive menu that includes sushi, soups and salads, “traditions”, “vegetarian plates”,  chicken, meat, and seafood dishes, and noodles, mains and rice. Top off and sweetly complemented with an AMAZING “Great Wall Of Chocolate” cake that is […]