January, 2008

Cruise “Vacation Worthy” Ports; Eastern Caribbean Ports

Cruising soon to the Eastern Caribbean? Want to know more about the ports you will be visiting before you get there? Well read on as I will give you general informative details about the eastern Caribbean cruise ports 😀 Cruise Line Private Islands (Caribbean): Great Stirrup Cay Great Stirrup Cay is NCL’s (Norwegian Cruise Line) […]

Buying Fish sticks or Fish Fillets Frequently For Your Kids Or Family?

Do you find yourself buying fish sticks or fish fillets frequently for your kids or family? You think your doing good by offering them fish which is protein as oppose to what they could be eating, right? WRONG! Most fish sticks serving size is like 4 sticks or something unreasonable and not nearly enough to […]

Happy Valentines Day…Shopping For A MAN

Yes everyone who is female has been there: what do I get a guy for valentines day? Well here I will offer some gift ideas when shopping for a MAN… Cologne: You can get your man smelling good by buying him some “real” Cologne, one to buy is Dolce & Gabbana By Dolce & Gabbana […]

Valentines Day Gifts!!! Make The Right Choice When Shopping For A Women

No matter who you are, you are going to be scrambling around for a valentines gift starting in a few days, so you need help you with your VALENTINES DAY purchases?? Here are some of my helpful hints: If you are shopping for a women Roses: Trust me… nothing will impress a woman more than […]

Cruise “Vacation Worthy” Ports; Western Caribbean Ports

You ever wonder where/what city you actually go on a cruise or do you ever what to know anything about the cruise ports/cities BEFORE you visit? I will tell you here which ones in the western caribbean are vacation worthy ports: Bermuda- Hamilton, Kings Warf Both great cities to visit. The culture there is absolulty […]

Looking To Cruise Anytime Soon? Get The Best Deals Here

Are you looking to take a cruise anytime soon? How about a Valentines day cruise? Well let me help you get the best deal and the most bang for your buck on that cruise, with the tips here… First I want to mention there are different benefits of each way you book your cruise; weather […]

Plus Size Fashion And Dressing Tips; How To Look Your Best!

Are you a plus size beauty that has a hard time with fashion? Here are some tips I want to post, with a thanks to MSN and Shannon McCarthy, for those who find fashion “Not so easy” as some of the rest of us…This post is for you 😀 Dresses & Skirts The best way […]

What About A Countertop Oven?

I know you are seriously asking yourself…What about a countertop oven?, no really what about it? Well let me tell you ABOUT it. In place of our toaster over, which I guess we never had, we decided to get this Black & Decker Extra Large Capacity Toaster Oven. It claims to make 12″ pizzas and […]

Looking For A Cool Low Calorie Treat?

Looking for a cool low calorie treat? Ahhh, I have found one that more than fits the bill. The Famous Luigi’s Italian Ice puts out a delicious sweetened with splenda Italian ice! It tastes great and has 1/2 the calories as a regular Italian ice, so it is well worth it. It has only 60 […]

Best (at home) Self Tanners

I am sorry to inform you but SUMMER is right around the corner, which means bathing suits and a tan! However the safest tan is a “fake” tan, so I have brought to you today the self tanners that I think work the best and DO NOT turn your orange!! **Sadly everyone skin is different […]