October, 2007

A Few Tips For The Traveler

Here are a few tips for the traveler. In my many travels I have heard a lot of different natural methods to halt motion sicknesses of all kinds, so here are some that actually work (yes, I have tried them) that I will pass on to you… If you are going on a long CAR […]

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!  8) I recently went to the store in search of some Halloween treats only to find all the candy was picked through and not much was left. I then heard a mother say “candy makes your teeth rot” and another say “you’ll be getting enough candy tonight”. In turn I thought, something healthy? […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Ann-Lindsey.com! I have decided to change the format of our sites such that the store is moving to Ann-LindseyDesigns.com and I will let you know as soon as we have it finished. Ann-Lindsey.com is now the home of my blog and I am excited about this because it will allow us to share […]