Relaxation Techniques!!!

Ahh I have been working like crazy and trying to keep up a household and take care of my family and I only have one question…How do mothers work full time, raise a family, and take care of the household needs like dinner, laundry, and shopping!?! I find myself reaching for ANY help when it […]

Update On FitFlops

First I want to start off by saying the FitFlops are absolutely the best footwear I have EVER put on my feet! I have been wearing my FitFlops everyday for 2 1/2 months and I must say I have had improvements in the level of pain in my back and legs, and my feet have […]

Outstanding Deep Cleaning Shampoo

I have found the BEST of the BEST deep cleaning shampoo! I have combination hair sometimes dry sometimes oily and to use a daily moisturizer on my hair will result in needing a wash every day so I finally found a combination that works!!! I start with the BEST deep cleansing shampoo which is Herbal […]

Fool’s Gold Is A Fun Romantic Comedy

I have just seen the movie Fool’s Gold and I loved it! The movie was a bit slow to start but picked up quickly with a lot of action and comedy which is why I chose to watch this film and I must stay it was well worth my while! For starters, ALL the character […]

Good News About The New iPhone

Yippie what we all have been waiting for…the NEW iPhone WITHOUT hiccups! The problems that Apple was experiencing on the release date of the new iPhone, such as previous customers updating their version of the iPhone and the new activation of the new iPhones were resolved that same day. As of today no one is […]

The NEW Apple iPhone

Ok Friday Apple released its new iPhone but not with out a hitch to say the least. If you had already had a previous version of the iPhone you could update your iPhone with the operating version on the NEW phone HOWEVER with everyone updating their phone and people standing¬† in LONG lines for hours […]

Rock Band For The Nintendo Wii Review

Ok I must say I have never ever seen so many adults have so much fun with video games!!! My husband and I bought Rock Band for the Nintendo Wii and we have people over daily to play it. It is super interactive with the ability to add instruments to “expand your band” and to […]

Updated Flight Experience

Ok I have just returned from vacation which I had to take a flight on Delta Airlines to reach my destination and would like to share my experience. First off we were NOT charged for our FIRST checked bag, however we were charged $25 dollars for our second checked bag. So basically you were allowed […]

Secret To Shiny Silky Hair!

Ok it is true that you DO learn something new every day! I just learned the secret to shiny silky hair and you get that by using an ion infused brush on your hair as opposed to find tooth comb. I just bought the Goody CUSHION: So Fabulous Oval Cushion Brush and it is truly […]

Attention All Dieters & Weight Loss Wishers I Have Found Help For You!

Attention all dieters and weight loss wishers, I have found help for you!!! I have found a website that helps you keep track of your eating and calorie intake and actually tells you how long it will take for you to get to your goal weight by eating what you normally do or modified. The […]