Fitness Tips

Great Candy Favorites Without The Added Sugar

I love when people say they eat way too much candy and it sabotages their weight loss attempts, well duh its all the added sugar they put in candy. However much to your delight, I am here today to tell you about a few of my favorite candies that I eat ALL the time! I […]

Update On FitFlops

First I want to start off by saying the FitFlops are absolutely the best footwear I have EVER put on my feet! I have been wearing my FitFlops everyday for 2 1/2 months and I must say I have had improvements in the level of pain in my back and legs, and my feet have […]

The Best & Most Comfortable Fitness Shoes EVER!

Ok I have recently done some in depth research in the hunt for the most comfortable sneakers and I have found some great sneakers!!! Let me share my findings with you… First the Adidas Women’s Megabounce/Running Shoe tops my list. I own 3 pairs of these sneaks and absolutely LOVE them!!! I thought when I […]

Attention All Dieters & Weight Loss Wishers I Have Found Help For You!

Attention all dieters and weight loss wishers, I have found help for you!!! I have found a website that helps you keep track of your eating and calorie intake and actually tells you how long it will take for you to get to your goal weight by eating what you normally do or modified. The […]

FitFlops A New Kind Of Footwear With A Gym Built In!

The FitFlops makers says these are “The Flip-Flop with a gym build in” !!! Can it be?? I have just tried out the new fitness FitFlop that are available in the U.S for the first time! Here is what I learned: The FitFlop originated in the UK and have been helping people get more of […]

Eat This Not That Book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

If there is one thing you do for yourself this year it is to buy this book and help yourself to better health. Eat This Not That shows you that some foods you think are healthy really contain high fat and calorie content due to the way it is prepared…Learn more: I recently included a […]

Lose Weight While Eating Out At Restaurants

I found this interesting article at It states that you can still lose weight by making the right food choices when eating out at restaurants. I find this article helpful because it offers comparisons on specific foods that you would think would be healthier than another. This happens because restaurants have the tendency to […]

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy vs Land Therapy

I had been in a serious car accident almost a year ago now and in turn have been doing ALL types of physical therapy for a year now and I had some positive results but there is still major residual pain that I need relieved, needless to say I am at the end of my […]

Review Of Goody’s New StayPut Line Of Hair Accessories

Goody just came out with StayPut hair accessories and that promise not to slip out of your hair during low or high-impact activity or in water. Wow I thought as I have very fine thin hair so naturally I decided to tried one of the StayPut elastic headwraps made for working out. Sadly I couldn’t […]

Part 3 The Greatest Workout Tools EVER

Today is part 3 of my 3 part post on How To Get Rid Of Cellulite! This part of the post talks about the best tools to help you say goodbye to that cellulite and fat and has links to the products for your purchasing convenience. All of these mentioned products I have personally used […]