Eating Healthy

Great Candy Favorites Without The Added Sugar

I love when people say they eat way too much candy and it sabotages their weight loss attempts, well duh its all the added sugar they put in candy. However much to your delight, I am here today to tell you about a few of my favorite candies that I eat ALL the time! I […]

Eat This Not That Book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

If there is one thing you do for yourself this year it is to buy this book and help yourself to better health. Eat This Not That shows you that some foods you think are healthy really contain high fat and calorie content due to the way it is prepared…Learn more: I recently included a […]

Lose Weight While Eating Out At Restaurants

I found this interesting article at It states that you can still lose weight by making the right food choices when eating out at restaurants. I find this article helpful because it offers comparisons on specific foods that you would think would be healthier than another. This happens because restaurants have the tendency to […]

Get Your Appetite Satisfied At The Hard Rock Cafe

Get Your Appetite Satisfied At The Hard Rock Cafe! If you are out and about and near a Hard Rock Cafe stop in and grab some grub at the Hard Rock Cafe. They have great food (it is MY favorite place to eat, by far) and a varitey of the recipes come from famous rockers […]

Roasted Fresh Ham With Simmered Sauerkraut

An easter ham recipe that can not be beat…Roasted fresh ham with simmered sauerkraut, found in the Palm Beach Post. This recipe goes hand in hand with the simmered sauerkraut recipe that I posted yesterday…so ENJOY! Roasted fresh ham with simmered sauerkraut Start to finish time: 3 to 4 hours (30 minutes active) Servings 8 […]

Easter Side Dishes

I am going to present to you a recipe for simmered sauerkraut followed by a recipe for the entire meal tomorrow, lets get started with this tasteful meal! Simmered Sauerkraut Start to finish: 3 hours (5 minutes active) Servings: 12 3 pounds of sauerkraut, drained 3 1/2 cups chicken broth 1 medium yellow onion, chopped […]

Holiday Ham Glaze

Easter is right around the corner and it is time for you get your ham recipes out start cooking. So spice your easter ham this year with a great tasteful tomato and onion glaze. This glaze is super easy to make and with only 5 ingredients and taking 15 minutes to prepare, it will be […]

Easter Ham Recipes

Happy Easter to all! Here I am providing ham recipes for your enjoyment on your wonderful holiday. Don’t be afraid to change it up a little bit, ham can be prepared many ways so do away with the traditional way this year and invigorate your taste buds! Lets get started: Ginger Ale-Glazed Ham What you […]

Easter Ham Preparation; Glazing And Carving

Yesterday I posted about easter ham preparation, varieties of ham and cooking a ham, so today I will again provide you with insight on glazing and carving your ham with help from Bruce Aidells, author of The Complete Meat Cookbook. The Easter holiday is only 16 days away, so lets get started 😀 Glazing: Any […]

Easter Ham Preparation

Easter is at the end of this month and only 17 days away and while some may have bought their eggs and have already bought and EATEN some easter candy, many of you haven’t even thought about getting your easter ham never mind preparation of it. Well let me offer some tips with the help […]